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SafeSign NON-PVC Low Location Lighting

In 2009 we started an innovation project with the objective to improve the quality and environmental footprint of photoluminescent signs and Low Location Lighting tapes and strips. Today most safety sign makers use PVC, despite the fact that PVC is the single most environmentally damaging sort of all plastics. PVC contains halogens and their toxicity of smoke is of highest concern within enclosed spaces, which you will find on-board any ship or platform. That is why we offer non-PVC Low Location Lighting by SafeSign.

PET-X instead of PVC

During our innovation project we managed to replace PVC with a safe material, a modified recyclable polymer called PET-X, which is free of halogens. Besides this new material the innovation went on, and we managed to innovate our printing process in such a way that the expected life is up to 5 times longer than the market average. The last upside is the visual appearance, SafeSign signs and Low Location Lighting strips have a high quality glossy finish, which is easy to clean.

The use of these new materials and techniques helped us to achieve innovative product which is also more economical and looks better.

LightLine PET-X strips

The LightLine LLL System is the easiest and most cost effective Low Location Lighting system to install, requiring only the application of the LLL strips where needed. Cutting on required lengths can be done easily with a knife. The system is finalized by positioning the LLL signs/stickers at the right places. When you choose to install our LightLine system, time savings up to 200% can be achieved.

LightLine PET-X strips

LightLine PET-X photoluminescent strips are PVC/Halogen-free plastic strips with backlighting material and a strong self-adhesive foam tape on the back. The material has a ‘glossy’ finish which is easy to clean and gives it a high quality appearance. The LightLine strips are available with or without 5mm safety green edges at the top and bottom of the strips.

LightLine strips have a standard length of 99 cm, 50 mm height and are produced with the high luminescence class, XXL. All strips have a self-adhesive backing for easy fixing during new builds or refurbishment projects. LightLine strips are besides PVC/halogen-free, flame retardant and therefore exceeding all current requirements. Upon request we can manufacture LightLine strips in other heights and/or with other coloured marking stripes.



Complies with IMO Resolution A. 752 (18) and ISO standard ISO 15370.

Article nr.DescriptionDimensionsQualityThickness
SX060CGLightLine Strip Pet-X green edges1000 mm x 60 mm (50 mm)XXL1,5 mm
SX070CGLightLine Strip Pet-X green edges1000 mm x 70 mm (60 mm)XXL1,5 mm
SX100CGLightLine Strip Pet-X green edges1000 mm x 100 mm (900 mm)XXL1,5 mm
SX040CNLightLine Strip Pet-X neutral1000 mm x 40 mmXXL1,5 mm
SX050CNLightLine Strip Pet-X neutral1000 mm x 50 mmXXL1,5 mm
SX070CNLightLine Strip Pet-X neutral1000 mm x 70 mmXXL1,5 mm