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Low Location Lighting

Electrical low location lighting

Based on use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED), the Lighting Solutions electrical Low Location Lighting system is designed to mark escape routes at floor level. The system is a totally self-contained system, constantly in stand-by mode until either activated by remote control or through mains failure.

Electrical Low Location Lighting systems can be installed both floor-mounted or wall-mounted. Electrical Low Location Lighting systems are considered ‘active’ systems, compared to ‘passive’ LLL systems made of photoluminescent material.

The main components of an electrical Low Location Lighting system are:

  • Power Box Unit (PSU)
  • Various types of profiles (aluminium, polycarbonate, skirting board or into the wall)
  • Led strips in “endless” strip configuration
  • Led escape signs
Electrical low location lighting
Electric LLL
Electric LLL

Performance of electrical Low Location Lighting systems

The performance of the Lighting Solutions electrical Low Location Lighting system fulfils and exceeds the requirements defined in the IMO Resolution A752 (18) adopted on the 4th of November 1993, Guidelines for the Evaluation, Testing and Application of Low Location Lighting on Passenger Ships, chapter 8.2 and required by ISO 15370 second edition of 2010-02-15.

Electrical Low Location Lighting systems are designed in such a way that the failure of any single light, lighting strip, PSU or battery will not result in the integrity of the rest of the system being impaired. All parts of the Low Location Lighting system reach at least IP 55 in accordance with IEC 529. Emergency Switching Point -, Deep Discharge – and Charge requirements fulfil IEC 598-2-22, chap. 22. The system demonstrates compliance with the requirements of paragraph 16.5 of IEC Publication No. 945 for mechanical vibration. Moreover, the system is designed to function correctly at an ambient temperature of minus 15° C to 55° C for a period of 16 hours.

Certification and approvals

Low Location Lighting systems comply with the environmental conditions and test procedures as defined in the requirements of the current editions of:

Electrical low location lighting

IEC Pub. 598-2-22
when tested at a reference ambient temperature of 40°C.

Regulation for the Performance of Type Tests for Electric Appliances Components.

Type Approval of Instrumentation and Automation Equipment

Type Approval System

Electrical LLL

Benefits & features

  • Heavy Duty, reliable and long-lasting Power Boxes with/without maintenance free batteries, capable to feed up to 1,000 m LED-strip without any further electrical interruption.
  • Each single LED-Island is completely capsulated in a polycarbonate housing and therefore protected against ingress of water, dust, dirt, oil.
  • Ready-made EXIT-sign modules allow a faster, easier and consequently more cost effective installation on board.
  • Watertight electrical “solder sleeve” connectors (no crimping necessary!), which allow an everlasting electrical connection just within a few seconds.

Technical Data LED-strip

  • Standard LED-distance: 200 mm
  • “High brightness” LEDs in colour “true green” (540 mcd. minimum)
  • IP Grade: IP 67
  • Operating temp.: – 15° C to + 55° C
  • Life time: > 150.000 hours
  • Due to high flexibility, the LED-strip can follow even 90° corners or tight curves without any electrical interruption