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What is Low Location Lighting?

A Low Location Lighting (LLL) system is a system that allows all evacuation routes to stay illuminated, which creates a clear and continuous means of escape. The spreading of smoke is one of the most dangerous consequences of a fire. Smoke causes reduced visibility, panic, and an increased evacuation time, which is a critical factor in getting people to safety quickly. On this website, we offer you a wide range of Low location lighting products for escape route guidance.

As part of the LLL system, the locations of firefighting equipment are also clearly marked along the escape routes.

Low location lighting

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Measurements and certifications

What is a complete LLL system?

We offer a wide range of LLL products for escape route guidance. While the focus of most light strips is on the low-placed (photoluminescent or electrical) strips, a complete LLL system consists of:

Photoluminescent or electrical strip and signs installed at a low location level to illuminate the escape route and identify firefighting equipment at floor level.

(within 30cm from the floor/deck according to SOLAS 2004 Chapter II Regulation and ISO 15370)

Photoluminescent signs installed at an intermediate level, to mark firefighting equipment directly on the equipment itself or as close to it as possible.

Photoluminescent (or electrical) signs installed at a high level, above 2 meter.