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Implementation & Installation

The Implementation & installation of a Low Location Lighting system begins with drawing up a signage plan that corresponds to the escape route approach; this will be presented for approval to the competent authority. The entire system is then installed by our certified installers using certified materials so that the performance of the light emission can be measured.

Blomsma Signs & Safety uses the Total Project Service method for project-based safety signage implementation work, such as Low Location Lighting systems. We start with an inventory carried out by specialists who are familiar with the sector or industrial segment concerned. A site visit is made to determine what signage is needed and in what form and using which materials. We can create a comprehensible set of (composite) signs with a clear, harmonious and uniform appearance.

If required, our team can provide a Quick Scan of the state of your safety signage. In this Quick Scan we make an inventory of already present (or missing!) safety signage, pipe marking, tank marking, escape way guidance. The Quick Scan can serve as the starting point for any following additional or missing safety signage.

The inventory results are translated into sign plans by our draftsmen. A management system that is linked directly to the site drawings gives a clear picture of the costs of making and fitting the specified signage. Bundling all the plans together creates a sign manual that is the foundation for discussions with all parties involved, the definitive implementation and ultimately even a maintenance plan.

Our approach ensures that you have a clear picture of the various stages of the Low Location Lighting project and are able to influence them, as well as seeing concrete results in terms of the progress. This means that you and other stakeholders within your company can rest assured that the Low Location Lighting system is not only in line with your own wish lists but also compliant with the applicable legislation and regulations.